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Rain Bartending is a boutique bartending service which provides all inclusive and full service bartending for weddings, corporate events, and social celebrations. We treat ever​y single event like it's our own.

Email: [email protected] to book today

How many bartenders will I need?

For maximum efficiency we recommend staffing one bartender for every 50-100 guests.

We suggest for events with over 100 - 200 guest that you use 2 bartenders.

What do you charger for bartending services?

We have two different pricing options both are priced per bartender/per hour.

Pricing starts at 30.00 an hour and our all inclusive bartending service is only 45.00 an hour.

For weddings over 30 miles from downtown Cleveland, Ohio we do charge a travel fee of 25.00 per bartender.

What is included in the cost of the bartenders?

We provide: 200 plastic cups (9 oz), coolers for keeping beer and wine cold, 100 lbs of ice (5 22lbs bags) napkins, straws, shakers, strainers, bottle openers, mats, service trays, and other bartending essentials.

Do you offer package options?

Yes we do!

We have basic, premium and deluxe wash package options.

Can we rent glass ware through you if we do not want to use plastic included in the price per bartender?

Of course you can rent glassware through us! We will come up with a price quote based off our initial meeting.

What if we need more cups or ice then you provide?

We ask for 150.00 petty cash envelope at the start of each event. This way we can make ice runs and get extra product you may need without having to bother you while your event is going on. If we do not need to use any of the petty cash the envelope is returned to you at the end of the night. If we do have to use some of the money, there will be receipts for all purchases made from the petty cash.

Do you provide a mobile bar to serve from?

We can if you would like us to for an additional cost. Most times your caterer will provide us with the proper table and linens you will need. But we can most defiantly customize a look for your bar if you would like.

Points of interested when considering Rain Mobile Bartending

1. Does Rain provide the alcohol?

Unfortunately, due to state liquor laws, we are unable to provide alcohol to our clients. However, we offer our clients a FREE consultation to determine how much alcohol will be needed for each individual event.

Do you need a Liquor License to cater alcohol?

Yes, Yes, YES!!! If you do not have a special event permit or license (or the venue does not have a liquor license) you cannot nor can we charge for liquor!

2. What do Rain Bartenders and Cocktail Servers wear?

Typically bartenders and cocktail servers wear black or white long sleeved shirts and black pants. However, uniforms are per the client's choice (within reason of course!) Please no sombreros or fat suits. Ha!

How much and what liquor do I need?

The amount and type of liquor depends on how many guests will be attending your event. We offer a FREE consultation to our clients to determine how much and what type of liquor will be needed. 

3. How far do Rain Bartenders travel?

Rain Bartenders are more than willing to travel to your event. If traveling to a location more than 30 minutes from Cleveland there will be a $25 fee per staff member. Each additional 30 minutes is an additional $25 per staff member.

4. Do you do Everything?

We strive to accommodate our clients in every way possible. However, we don't do housework, valet park, act as a taxi service for hosts or guests, babysit little kiddos, or do karaoke.

5. Do Bartenders Request Proof of Age?

Yes!Please note that under no circumstances will any of our bartenders serve anyone under the age of 21. If there is any doubt, our bartenders will request proof of drinking age. Sorry - No Exceptions.